Why We Choose Dulux

The market is saturated with different paint brands that offer a variety of finishes and colour options, so no wonder choosing the right paint for your build can be a difficult decision, not to mention that your painter will have their preferred brand too. At D.Sign Block we recommend Dulux Paints for a variety of reasons. Dulux is a well known and trusted paint that is easily accessible in Australia and New Zealand. It is high quality and durable and has been proven to stand the test of time and in turn is a cost effective and worthwhile investment.

Some other reasons why we believe Dulux is the best paint choice for your property is its extensive and wide range of premium and on-trend colours. As designers, we view colour as one of the most valuable and important design elements that can completely transform a space and create a certain style and atmosphere. Dulux has over 2,000 paint colours and finishes to choose from, including exterior paint to washable interior options. We are spoiled for choice!

When it comes to Whites however, things can start to get a little confusing. Dulux offers a large range of Whites that utilise different pigments and tones for different results. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming all whites are the same! Below is a list of D.Sign Block’s favourite whites and how we utilise them. 


Whisper White is a warm, soft and serene white. We will often choose this white for heritage properties or new builds that want a softer and more traditional feel. Whisper White pairs well with timber finishes, textural materials and patterned upholstery. It combines these different elements elegantly to create an inviting, harmonious and classic style.


The opposite to Whisper White, Lexicon and Lexicon Quarter exude cool blue undertones. For a contemporary, minimalistic and modern space, Lexicon Quarter is fresh and vibrant. At D.Sign Block, we often use Lexicon in bathrooms for a clean, hygienic and modern atmosphere.


Vivid White is Dulux’s purest white and sits in the middle on the ‘White Scale’. It does not throw too much blue or too much yellow, thereby achieving a fresh and crisp appearance. Like Lexicon Quarter, Vivid White is great for a contemporary and minimalistic style, however can also be paired with textures or other colours to create a more warm environment without losing that ‘clean’ feel.


Dulux White on White has a blue/grey undertone therefore has a cool appearance. We often use this colour for new modern builds. White on White pairs well with hard flooring such as tiles, timber floorboards or polished concrete. This clean and minimalistic hue looks fresh on architraves and skirtings and lightens dark spaces that do not get much natural light. As it is a cool white we recommend adding plenty of texture through decor, greenery and window treatments to add warmth to the space.


Dulux Natural White is the coolest of the warm whites. To neutralise and balance a space that may have different floorings and finishes or a build with alternate styles, Natural White will harmonise these mixed elements. We love this colour as it pairs well with most design styles and is easy to furnish with.

The colour and brand of paint you choose for your new build will define the style and feel of the property. Whether you are after a cosy, warm and inviting space or a more modern and minimalistic feel, colour and the correct white will establish this look. Utilising a high quality brand such as Dulux Paints will ensure longevity and a professional finish. Still unsure what colour to paint your new build? Let D.Sign Block help you! 

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